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shoulder than in front of me. Paranoid much? Maybe. Maybe not. It wouldn't be the first time a hulking m popped out of thin air and knocked me down from behind. Ingrid Fairheit? I flinched and nearly threw my back out spinning around to look at the person in front of me. An older man buy youtube views with graying brown hair and light blue eyes looked at me taken aback. He stopped in the middle of closing and locking the gl door of a local burger restaurant. Mr. Clive, I acknowledged, trying not to act strange.I've only got a lion statue tied to my shirt. Nothing that out of the ordinary. Nice night for a walk. His eyes scanned over me and glazed over a touch. I didn't know what he was thinking, but he appeared a little disturbed by my presence. That had never happened before, but this was the first buy youtube views time it was just the two of us. We didn't normally speak, except for the traditional customer stuff when I would come with my friends. I was a little surprised he even knew my name. He swallowed before turning the keys the other way and opening the door back up. Why don't you come in? he invited as he smiled at me politely. My mouth closed into a straight line. I really didn't have time. Don't get me wrong, Clive was always nice to me and exceedingly generous when it came to Ty often not having enough money to fully fit his bill. But I kind of had someplace to be involving a keystone, a former ally, and the end of the world. I didn't think I could – I've got some fresh apple pies I just finished baking and setting out for tomorrow. I don't think anyone will notice if a few pieces are missing. Like I said, it sure would be a huge mistake to go into a potentially egregious and exhaustive fight on an empty stomach. That would be a google serious miscalculation of judgment and could lose this war. Since you keep twisting my arm, I wouldn't mind some pie, I accepted, moving past him and into the dim restaurant. I paid no mind to the lack of light and sat right at the bar. Clive paced in after me and took his traditional place behind the counter. He gather a plate and some utensils and set them out in front of me. Finally, he took the gl dome off of the pie tray and cut out a huge slice of apple bliss. He set the pie on my plate, and I jabbed my fork into it. I dug out a huge chunk and stuffed it into my gaping maw. Is it good? Clive asked in a friendly manner while leaning against the counter and propping his chin up with his hand. I couldn't verbally answer around the m of food in my mouth, so I gave him a thumbs up with my free hand – the one that wasn't tasked with youtube shoveling. I'm glad you like it. Clive smiled and closed his blue eyes. If you don't mind me saying, I've heard some terrible rumors about you lately. I shrugged my shoulders and managed to get out a led, That's not unusual. I believe the police are even looking for you. I glanced up at him under my eyebrows. He still stood there nonchalant like we were talking about go to my site sports. It's a complete misunderstanding, I told him buy youtube views after swallowing to clear out my gob. Clive didn't look the least bit surprised. I believe you, Ingrid, he informed me,